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Mohawk Valley Sustainability Plan

Mohawk Valley

Regional Sustainability Plan

Project Schedule and Status

Working Group Meetings: Three Working Group meetings will be held during the course of the project. Working Groups meet in person and each group works in parallel to develop planning goals, and outcomes that will inform development of the Plan throughout the 8-month project period. Critical tasks to be accomplished by the Working Groups include: research and discussion of existing conditions, opportunities, and best practices relating to sustainability within and outside the region; generating and prioritizing sustainability goals; and recommending projects for that meet the sustainability goals. 

Analysis: Data collection is underway to support the development of a regional Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory for the Mohawk Valley Region. The GHG Inventory will analyze direct and indirect energy combustion, transportation energy consumption, industrial processes, agricultural resources, waste and land use, land use changes and forestry.   Following the data collection effort, the Project team will forecast the changes in annual emissions for the region,  and the cost and estimate the GHG savings of recommended implementation strategies

Public Meetings: Public input is being solicited during two rounds of public meetings. The first meeting was held on December 5th, 2012 to seek public input on the sustainability goals drafted for each topic area.  Visit the Home page section of website to view the presentation.